Echidna Christmas Costume Party

We all love a good costume party and for the staff here at Echidna Sewing it was a chance to unleash some of our creative goodness. The theme of the night was Retro 50’s so the ideas for costumes ran wild. Different plans for sewing, embroidering and crafting all came to mind, especially with the incredible Brother machines sitting right at our doorstep. In the end there was a good mixture of outfits, which were all well thought about and planned to perfection.

Gary and Cindy, the owners of Echinda Sewing, converted their backyard into a 50’s diner with a bar, popcorn machine, jukebox and disco lights. As soon as we walked through the door we were transported back to the 50’s in epic style.

So without further ado, I bring you the photos of the night, including what we wore and how we created it (if it was handmade).

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Echidna Sewing at Supernova!

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo is dedicated to science-fiction, comic books, animation, gaming, fantasy and a world of imagination for fans young and old. You’ll also find amateur and professional costume designers creating the biggest, boldest outfits to compete in the Madmen National Cosplay Championships.

Countless hours are spent on each costume, which can comprise sewing, embroidery, 3D-printing, crafting, foam cutting and more. The results are impressive proof that given an idea, and powered with the right tools, the opportunities are endless.


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Craftsy Bag Patterns & Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make your own bag which is fun, affordable and ideal for any occasion check out Craftsy’s Online Educational bag classes.

Design Your Own Handbag Class by Brett Bara

Design and sew your very own high-fashion handbag in this class taught by author, designer and television host Brett Bara.


Sew Better Bags Class: The Weekend Duffel by Betz White

Sew beautifully constructed duffel bags that stand up to travel and stand out with custom style. Build your sewing skills to create bags as fun as they are functional.


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Making the Most of Glow in the Dark Thread

softlight-glow-dark-700x700How Does it Work?

We’re all familiar with fluorescent dyes like those used in highlighter pens. These dyes look bright because they take in light of a variety of colours and then transmit it back as a single colour. For example, a green highlighter’s ink absorbs the white light which hits it and shines it all back as an intense green colour.

Glow in the dark products take this one step further. They use very clever chemicals which absorb and store the energy from light, then emit it steadily over minutes or even hours. The process has the catchy name of “Phosphorescence”. Usually the light given off is an eerie whitish green glow. Dyes can be added to create other colours, but they won’t be as bright as the whitish green.

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Hemingworth Spool & Cap System Projects

Thank you to everyone who came up with some very creative and handy projects using their empty Hemingworth spool and cap systems.

Winning Entry

Congratulations to Josie, who is the winner of the Hemingworth Pre-Packaged 15 Colour Box Set, worth $104! We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful project using the Hemingworth Spool and Cap System. No doubt your guests were very impressed with their own uniquely designed placement setting.

Project by Josie
Used for table setting placements.

Runner Up Prizes

Congratulations to the following members for coming up with these unique project ideas. You have been selected to receive runner up prizes including a universal magazine, an Echidna embroidery design CD and a few extras.  We hope you enjoy!


Project by Maria
Children craft project

Project by Margaret
Cover created to provide protection for the PE Design 10 dongle.

Project by Rebeka
Used to create a snow globe with fairy lights inside.

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NV950 Facebook Enthusiasts Group

If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or support, a great way to expand your machine knowledge is by joining a Facebook group, such as the NV950 Enthusiast Australia. Plus, you’re getting involved in a sewing and embroidery community where you can interact with others who have the exact same interests as you. Some users will get involved to share their projects, knowledge or project techniques, while others join to ask questions or post concerns they might have, which in turn is a very rewarding experience for all.

If you haven’t yet considered joining a Facebook group or you would like to know more about what’s involved, here are a few questions we asked Ally, the NV950 Enthusiasts Group administrator.

Can you tell our readers about yourself and your Facebook community page?

I run mine and my husband’s small business whilst raising our two daughters (both under two and only 18 months apart!), as well as a small sewing and embroidery business of my own. I was bitten by the sewing bug when I was given a beautiful Mama Bear handmade gift when my first daughter was born.

A lot of group members either have an NV950 or are simply looking at getting their first embroidery machine. They are interested in seeing if this machine will suit them and their requirements. Of course we have members with other machines with various makes and models that still give and benefit from the ideas shared, experiences with various sewing and embroidery products, as well as basic troubleshooting.


There are even people who work in the embroidery business and are really helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. Others just enjoy making for friends and family, run their own market stall or sell online. The majority of our members seem to be those who have just purchased their first embroidery machine. A few members have the NV950 specifically to embroidery garments such as the embroidery buddies, or simply because it’s so compact and they use it to take to classes or with them on holidays.

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Hemingworth Spool & Cap Competition

Hemingworth® embroidery thread is not only vibrant and glossy, but also strong and colourfast. The protective cap preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and other harmful elements. The removable stopper traps thread, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage. Delivering thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery —decreasing both snagging and thread breaks.

Only $6.95 each spool, which contains 1000 metres of hi-sheen polyester embroidery thread. View the wide range of Hemingworth colours available online.

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Get creative with your spools!

What’s great about these thread spools is that you don’t have to throw them out once you’ve finished using them. You can turn them into creative projects to use around the house including sewing notion storage, gift ideas, gardening projects, decorations and much more!

Check out some of the creative projects that Leanne Church our Echidna Melbourne Store Manager has done with her used Hemingworth Spool and Caps systems. You’ll be amazed!

Hemingworth Thread Competition

We are giving you the chance to win a Hemingworth Pre-Packaged 15 Colour Box Set (worth $104) by coming up with your own creative spool and cap project!

Hemingworth Pre-Packaged Thread Set Prize

All Hemingworth spools come complete with the patent pending spool, cap and stopper system. The box includes 15 popular colours, with each spool containing 1000 metres of hi-sheen polyester embroidery thread.

Colours include:

  • Classic Black #1000
  • Pure White #1001
  • Orange Slice #1025
  • Primrose #1034
  • Ecru #1056
  • Nautical Blue #1076
  • Green Apple #1091
  • Teddybear Brown #1130
  • Peach Pastel #1170
  • Brilliant Blue #1204
  • Sunshine Yellow #1226
  • Meadow #1248
  • Summer Sky #1257
  • Dark Purple #1269
  • Christmas Red #1270

How you can enter!

We would like you to come up with your own creative project using the Hemingworth spool and cap system. Take a photo of your project and email it to with a short description of how you made it.

Taking inspiration from Leanne’s project examples, the winner will be judged on creativity and usefullness. Example: How well it fits in to your home, office or outdoor lifestyle. We’re looking for a fun project that will inspire and encourage others to reuse and recycle their own spool and cap system.

Competition Terms

This competition is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. Project details need to be emailed by 31st July, 2016. Prize will be drawn on Thursday 4th August, 2016. The winner will be notified by email.

Photo and project ideas must be your own work. By entering this competition you give Echidna Sewing permission to reproduce and publish the content of your entry.